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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is your service so terrible?

Our service is excellent. In time you will realise that.

How can i cancel this garbage?

We have hidden the subscription options well. Maybe in your itunes subscription list, or in a link on our webpage you wont find.

How big is your catalog?

Trymflix is a world leading entertainment company that has partnerships with all the established production companies across the globe.

Our archive consists of the very latest and greatest of premium content, which grows every day. We've had a growth of 100% of our content since launch. From our launch in 2015 we've had an exponention growth of 0 to 1 premium Trymflix exclusive movie.

How much does Trymflix cost?

$200 pr month for basic subsription. That also includes our highly sophisticated censorship-filter which you can turn on on the video player.

If you are interested in our $1800 a month "4K Family Package" please get in touch.

Can i order more subscriptions?

Yes. Just sign up with a different e-mail address and register with all your credit cards.
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